We hand build each yacht from lamination to final assembly, using bespoke processes and impeccable quality control.

By crafting custom boats that retain their long-term value and integrity, our yachts appeal to the head as well as the heart.

Advanced certification for ultimate confidence

Our motor yachts are certified by the International Marine Certification Institute - a strict and exacting organisation with significantly higher standards than those imposed by the EC Directive 94/25. As part of that uncompromising approach, we ensure that only the finest materials and equipment go into your Focus Motor Yacht.

From the resins and raw materials to the trims, the mechanical systems and the navigation suites, every element is selected on the basis of proven merit.

Double lamination for class-leading strength

We spare no expense in taking the safety and solidity of your powerboat to the next level. After manually laminating and assembling the various fiberglass sections, we structurally reinforce the joints between the floors, ceilings and compartment bulkheads by means of a secondary lamination process.

In addition to upgrading the rigidity of your yacht’s internal structure, this painstaking process guarantees radically improved longevity, even in the face of frequent and sustained exposure to challenging sea conditions.

  • Manual lamination and assembly of fiberglass sections for stronger structure
  • Increased yacht rigidity and longevity, resilient to challenging sea conditions.

Superior finish for enduring luxury

Our interior furniture is of the very highest quality. Built from premium woods like maple, oak and walnut, our timbers are handpicked from sustainable stocks before being treated with multiple layers of marine-grade lacquer. That makes them highly resistant to the changes in temperature and humidity your boat encounters, as it moves between seasons, sea states and cruising zones.

Our non-wooden finishes are also first-class. Whether making your life easier with a silicone-based fabric or softening the ambience with indulgent Italian leather, our boats are built to retain the beauty of their original appearance for many years to come.

Focus Yacht Care

Assistance and support are provided anywhere in the world, by an outstanding team whose only goal is your total satisfaction.
We take care of it all.

Focus Motor Yachts B.V.

- Based in The Netherlands
- Custom built options
- Exceptional quality and style
- Comprehensive after-sales support
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