Uniting meticulous design and bespoke customization for unparalleled yachting experiences.

Your boat, your way

Each of our motor yachts comes with a generous range of upgrades and options, including outboard propulsion. But with a highly skilled workforce and a hand built construction process, we have the infrastructure and expertise in place to take the customisation process in any direction you require.

Our in-house designers are happy to conduct screen-sharing video calls and to work with you in the development of entirely bespoke, one-off solutions.

And whether you opt for the standard package or a highly personalised semi-custom yacht, you are welcome to attend the factory and to witness first-hand the care and attention that goes into each and every stage of your boat’s creation.

  • Option for standard or custom build yachts
  • In-house designers available for bespoke solutions
  • Hand-built construction


Striking a better balance

Hull design plays a critical part in the way you enjoy your yacht. A deep-V hull tends to offer a softer ride and improved seakeeping, but often at the expense of interior volume. Flatter hulls tend to increase fuel efficiency and internal space but they also present a blunter, less comfortable aspect to rough waters.

At Focus Motor Yachts, our hull forms, spatial arrangements and weight distributions are carefully managed to create highly usable boats that strike the ideal balance between class-leading performance, relaxed open-air entertainment and luxurious accommodation.

Merit in flexibility

Our designs combine expansive open day spaces with configurable accommodation and a range of living and entertaining zones. While that makes our yachts very capable as multi-purpose leisure platforms, it also means you can adapt the layout, equipment and finish to dovetail perfectly with the yachting lifestyle you have in mind.

  • Customizable layout, equipment and finish


Our financing plans include up to 40% of the entire cost of the boat, so you just need to pay a minimum of 60% before delivery.

Focus Motor Yachts B.V.

- Based in The Netherlands
- Semi-custom build options
- Exceptional quality and style
- Comprehensive after-sales support
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